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GENViewer GENMatcher
 Installing GENViewer
Download instructions

The file that you download from this web site is an installation program for GENViewer. It's name is "GENViewerSetup2.exe"

After you have downloaded this file from the web site, you need to run it in order to install GENViewer on your computer. If you don't know where it has been downloaded, please follow these steps:
  1. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon on your screen.  
  2. Select the "Find..." item. 
  3. Type "GENViewerSetup2.exe" in the "Named:" section.  
  4. Press the "Find now" button. It will display where GENViewer is located.
Installation Steps

The install program will go through the following steps.

1)   The first screen is a small message box asking you if you want to install GENViewer on your computer. Click "Yes" to continue. You can exit or cancel at any time.

2)   Next is a welcome screen for GENViewer. Press the "Next" button.

4)   The following screen is used by the installation program to know where you want GENViewer to be installed on your computer. The default directory is "c:\program files\mudcreek\genviewer2". It is recommended to use this directory by pressing the "Next >" button. However, you can change this location by selected a different directory.

5)   Next, the program group where GENViewer will be located in the "Start" button of your computer is displayed. For example; If you select the default name of "MudCreek", you will find a "MudCreek" folder when you press the "Start button" followed by the "Programs" item. In this "MudCreek" folder, you will find GENViewer.

6)   Finally, press the "Install" button to start installing GENViewer on your computer.

7)   After GENViewer is installed on your computer, it will display a dialog box that displays the number of day left of your evaluation of GENViewer.

8)   The next dialog box lets you know that there are two separate email mailing lists that you can join to keep you informed of announcements or you can share ideas and question with others. You are free to join these mailing lists at any time

   These mailing lists are hosted by the web site as a free service. They may add an ad message at the end of each email.

AnnouncementsThis mailing list is used by MudCreek Software to make announcement about new releases. Usually, there are 1 to 2 emails sent each month.  
GENViewerThis mailing list is used by users of GENViewer to share questions/ideas/problems between themselves. An average of 3 to 4 emails per week are sent on this mailing list.  

9)   GENViewer has a feature that can inform you of updates and news through the Internet. This feature will check for updates and new releases every 30 days.

10)   GEDCOM files can be associated with a program. For example, if you double click on a GEDCOM file and it is associated with PAF, PAF will start and load that GEDCOM file. GENViewer allows you to associate GEDCOM files with itself. This means that if you double click on a GEDCOM file, GENViewer will start-up and view that file.

If you have GEDCOM files associated to another genealogy program, GENViewer will ask you if you want to change that association to have GENViewer start-up when you double click on a GEDCOM file.

11)   GENViewer is now up and running and displaying the main screen with the "General" tab. There is a user manual found on the "Help" menu of the program.

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