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User Comments
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GENViewer GENMatcher
 User Comments & Reviews

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GENMatcher User Comments

"GENMatcher has saved me hundreds of hours comparing the gedcom files prepared by various cousins.  Finding matching individuals in any two files only takes moments when GENMatcher does it 'magic'.  As a result, we have created a large database showing the descendants of our early ancestors and the ancillary lineages that intersect with our family.   I highly recommended this wonderful genealogical tool."
Lee Drew – GENMatcher User

GENMatcher Reviews

". . . a utility that most if not all will find useful at some stage in their genealogical pursuits . . . I was quite impressed with the comparison algorithm . . . GENMatcher is a solid version 1.0 release."

"GENMatcher 1.03" – Mark Lang - Dick Eastman Online - Vol. 9 No. 8 - February 23, 2004

GENViewer User Comments

"GENViewer is one of the most exciting finds I've made while doing genealogical research.  It let's you see the data in a gedcom file like that in the best genealogical programs as well as finding 'islands' of persons in the file.  You can search the Internet from within GENViewer as well as highlighting individuals or groups for viewing or research.  There is no more need to create a new directory and import a gedcom file into it.  Simply launch GENViewer and read the data in any gedcom file and you'll be able to fully explore all of the data in it.  GENViewer is one of the 'must have' tools for any genealogical researcher."
Lee Drew – GENViewer User

"I feel it's strongest point is it's ability to search across multiple GED's AND several other program files very rapidly,

I just ran a test on my 47 GED & FTW files. (91,643 names total) I searched for the surname Jones and in less than 3 seconds I had a list of 249 Joneses in 20 GED files!! Each of which were instantly available by just clicking on any name in the list.

Another great feature is the ability to have several copies of GENview open at the same time. I use it to compare Descendants Lists against itself and against my FTW files.

I store all my E-mail GED's (incoming and outgoing) in the same folder as GenView. That way they are always ready for mailing with the built in GV.exe viewer."

Bob McCausland – GENViewer User
"Thanks for a great product. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I find it very useful for making sense of the GEDCOMs that I get from the LDS Family Search site."
Robyn Smith – GENViewer User
"I downloaded a gedcom from I didn't realize how big it was. This gedcom had almost 26,000 people in it. When I downloaded GENViewer, this gedcom was one of the first things I tried it out on. Here are the results:
       File Size: 18,745,745
       Import Time: 2.240 seconds
       # people: 25,931
       # families: 11,530
       # notes: 390
       # sources: 631. 

2.24 seconds is ridiculously fast for this many records! And with GENViewer, I can see who is in there, how complete the information is, how connected they are and a zillion other things. It makes importing GEDCOMs into my database so much easier. Thanks for a wonderful product."
Roger Barnes – GENViewer User
". . . a Wonderful program that will finally allow us to actually see and READ Gedcom files. I've struggled for years to extract some sensible data from those I've downloaded. Hours of work with little to show for it. And printing them off is not only more expensive, but still just as frustrating. Thank you MudCreek for a Fantastically marvelous tool"
Gretchen Bellman – GENViewer User
"Last night I demonstrated, for our monthly Staff Meeting, the FHC version which I had installed at the Center. When I displayed the List and Highlighted a Condition and the screen instantaneously reflected the names in bright yellow which met the Condition...there was a unanamous "Whooow!", and then manipulated the Columns with ascending/descending sorts, the staff couldn't believe what they were seeing. Needless to say, I believe you may have several new clients for their personal use. Obviously, the FHC version was acquired to assist the Staff in identifying the "mystery" disk that walks in the door, but it has such great additional features!! Thank you, Thank You."
 Raymond T. Stein – GENViewer FHC User
"Just wanted to let you know what a great program you have. i just reviewed several others and none compare to the quality and functionality of Genviewer. Keep up the good work!"
"gailc550" – GENViewer User
"It's a really great tool!"
Dick Martin – GENViewer User
"I really like using GENViewer and it's a great adjunct to the products!"
Jeremy Main – GENViewer User
"First, let me say KUDOS on a great piece of software! It is enormously powerful!"
Linda Chesson – GENViewer User
"I love GENViewer! The only problem with the self-viewing exe is getting people to dare to open an exe. Those who do are impressed with its speed and flexibility."
Beth in Bergen – GENViewer User
"It's a powerful program that no serious researcher can be without." 

"Thanks again for providing the most essential tool in our arsenal. Most of us have to deal with managing data across a number of software platforms and it's great to have this "common denominator" product working for us."

Jim Winfrey – GENViewer User
"Worth every penny and more."
Terry D. Smith – GENViewer User
"I am nothing but amazed what GenView will do and how fast the program is!"
Herman G – GENViewer User
". . . GENViewer is the most powerful tool I know until now (for viewing GEDCOM's and PAF's)." 
Armand Meert – GENViewer User

GENViewer Reviews

"I was pleased with the program and especially impressed with its speed of operation."

". . . MudCreek Software has continued to polish and develop the program."

"An Update on GENViewer for Windows" – Dick Eastman - Dick Eastman Online - Mar 21, 2001

"Installation was a snap. I first used GENViewer to open a GEDCOM file of more than 3,000 individuals. I was amazed at the speed; I opened the file, and pedigree charts, descendant charts and more were available instantly. The program’s user’s manual says that it can import about 10,000 to 30,000 individuals a second from a GEDCOM file. PAF database files are even faster. Apparently my 3,000-person file was read in about one-third of a second. This program reads data very quickly!"

"I used GENViewer for a while and found that it is great for finding "islands" and for selecting all individuals that meet certain criteria."

"I found the program easy to use."

"GENViewer" – Dick Eastman - Dick Eastman Online - Oct 18, 2000

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