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GENViewer GENMatcher
 Using the CD-ROM Version of GENViewer

Installing the CD-ROM version of GENViewer on your computer.

  • The install program contains the GENViewer executable and the user manual in Windows HLP format.

  • The default install location is "C:\program files\mudcreek\gvcdrom". Note that this version of GENViewer cannot run from a hard drive, but rather only from a CD-ROM.

Using GENViewer on your CD

  • The executable for GENViewer is called "gvcdrom.exe" (Found in the directory where you installed it).  Include this file to the CD you are creating.

  • Place "gvcdrom.exe" and your genealogy files in the root directory of the CD-ROM.

  • By default, GENViewer will start with no genealogy file loaded. GENViewer can view GEDCOM, PAF, Family Tree Maker and The Master Genealogist files. At this point, the user can select any files found on the CD-ROM. If you want GENViewer to automatically load a file:

    • Create the file "gvstart.txt" and place it in the same directory where "gvcdrom.exe" is found or placed on the CD-ROM.

    • Edit the "gvstart.txt" file and place, on the first line, the name of the genealogy file to be loaded at startup.  Do NOT include the drive letter or quotes in the path of this file. Here are some examples:

      • smith.ged
      • us presidents.ged
      • smith.paf

    • Include the "gvstart.txt" file when creating your CD-ROM. GENViewer will read this file and automatically load the genealogy file.

    • You have the option to include GENViewer's user manual. The files are "gviewer.hlp" and "gviewer.cnt" found in the install directory. Place these files in the same directory where gvcdrom.exe is located in the CD-ROM.

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