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GENViewer GENMatcher
 GENViewer Screenshots

Family Group view where individuals that have a birth place containing the words "NEW YORK" are highlighted in yellow.


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web-gen.gif (19552 bytes)

General View

This tab displays general information about the genealogy file such as source, date created, and character set, as well as the file size and date, number of individuals, families, notes and sources.

web-ind.gif (19537 bytes)

Individual View

The Individual Tab displays detailed information about the current/active individual. The top section details events and family information such as birth, death, user events, parents, marriages, and children.

web-fam.gif (21338 bytes)

Family Group View

The Family Tab displays the family information of the current/active individual. This individual is displayed in the top left section of the tab. To the right are the parents. Children are sorted by birth date.

web-ped.gif (18895 bytes)

Pedigree View

The Pedigree Tab displays 4 generations of the current/active individual. Also, the siblings and children of this Individual are listed to the left of the tab and are sorted by birth date.

web-des.gif (19173 bytes)

Descendants View

This tab displays the descendants of the current/active individual.

web-list.gif (21085 bytes)

List View

This tab displays the all individuals in the genealogy file.  The user has the option to tailor what information is displayed for each individual.

web-hl.gif (23025 bytes)

Highlighted View

This tab displays the all individuals in the genealogy file that are highlighted.

web-islands.gif (22423 bytes)

Islands View

This tab displays the islands found in your genealogy file. (An island is a group of individuals and families that are all related to each other either by blood or by marriage.)

web-source.gif (15183 bytes)

Sources View

This tab displays all of the general sources in your genealogy file.

web-internet.gif (29079 bytes)

Internet View

The Internet Tab allows you to search the Internet for information about an individual in your genealogy file.  The Internet website is displayed within GENViewer for faster and easier searching.

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