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 GENMatcher What's Changed?

Version 1.08 - Aug 21, 2007


Fixed problem with reading GEDCOM files created by some genealogy applications.

Version 1.07 - May 15, 2007


Windows Vista supported

Version 1.06 - Jun 6, 2006


Fixed: Problems reading Rootsmagic files.

Version 1.05 - Mar 31, 2006


New: RootsMagic 2 and 3 file format added.

Version 1.04 - May 4, 2004


New: TMG (The Master Genealogist) 5.x file format added.

New: column for row number on the main grid.

Fixed: rare and unpredictable crash after closing the print preview window.

Some images for the main menu added.

On exit, the Windows cursor changes to an hourglass (busy) showing that GENMatcher is busy saving options. Sometimes there is a delay of a few seconds while exiting.

Save to File option for reports is much faster now.

Matches Report

New: number of comparisons appear on the second line of the report title.

Fixed: page numbering not starting at 1 when printing just after previewing a report.

Fixed: matching type tag appearing again when data wraps onto a second line.

Version 1.03 January 14, 2004


Fixed matching based on places.


New menu item: Enter License.

New Menu item: Purchase GENMatcher.

New dialog box to display trial information.

Added "(Trial Version)" in the title bar.

Added "Buy now" in the toolbar.

Version 1.02 January 12, 2004


Matching tags are now persistent. They are no longer lost when refreshing the session data. Also, minor changes to the source data files will no longer cause the matching tags to be lost.

Fixed problems with matching.

Fixed: matching grid color now displayed as set in Options.

Fixed problem with the tab view not updated as the display options (on the main toolbar) were changed.

Matches Report

Fixed landscape output: position of unknown tag.

Version 1.01 January 5, 2004


Quick Help added. Each one only appears once. To see them again, on the Help menu, click on Reset Quick Help Dialog Boxes.

Help buttons added to dialog boxes and on report previewer.

Make a Suggestion to MudCreek menu item added to Help menu.


Replaced Possible Match button with Questionable (question mark) button to tag matches.

Added Unknown button (yellow diamond) to the main toolbar. It's used for the initial comparison state. In version 1.00, this state was displayed as a blank in the matching grid; now, it is a yellow diamond.

In Options, can now set the color of unknown matches.

On exit of Session Properties, can now press Cancel when warned about losing matching tags. This allows a return back to the Session Properties screen to cancel all session changes so that tags are not lost.

Individual Tab: better matching of marriages and children.


In the Session Manager, added a confirmation message before deleting a session.

In the Session Manager, after using the New Session Wizard to create a new session, the Session Manager is closed and the new session is opened.

Changed default for new sessions: ignore spaces and punctuation are now on by default.

Session Properties: fixed problem with the check for a valid file causing a "Cannot Focus a disabled or invisible window" error.

Session Properties: fixed problem with renaming the session to an existing name.

Individual Report

Added Match Type to top right of report to show the matching tag for the individual pair.

Now display the two individual names with IDs instead of just the left one with the two IDs.

Now shows whether each detail line is a match ("=") or non-match ("<>"). This is the same comparison criteria as used in the Individual tab on the main screen.

Now using same technique as on main screen to check for match type (matching, non-matching, missing data). This means that comparison settings such as ignoring blanks or punctuation are also used for the report.

Lining up Notes and Sources of different lengths fixed.

Sessions Report

Fixed problem with blank output.

Version 1.00 January 2, 2004

Initial release.

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